Sit Down With Win McMurry


Win McMurry took the time to sit down before Grey Goose today so we could get a little insight into the new format and find out about Win herself.

Q: What’s the best part of the new Grey Goose format?

Win: It’s more interactive for me and the rest of the cast. We can interact a lot more with the fans. And with the move to tournament days, the show’s a lot more immediate.

Q: With this theme of immediacy, why use Twitter?

Win: It’s such a great way to see instant feedback and get people’s reactions. It takes the pulse on what people are thinking, and is a great way to learn what people want to know or talk about.

Q: Now a couple questions on you, do you have any hidden talents that viewers wouldn’t know about?

Win: I grew up playing a lot of sports but also had a great affinity towards drama and classical ballet. I don’t dance or act much these days myself, but I actually took a barre class yesterday that was a lot of fun!

Q: What’s something about you that might surprise viewers?

Win: I own a sailboat, it’s a little one. I haven’t taken it out in awhile since it’s back in North Carolina but I love the water and water sports. I sail and can drive motor boats, wakeboard and surf. I also really like Mexican food. I eat it almost every other day.

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