#AskLydia: Lydia answers your Ko-estions in studio


What we do know about Lydia Ko is that at 17, she's a very talented and accomplished golfer (read: six professional wins). But there's a lot about this teen that we don't know, which is why I sat down with Ko to find out a little more about what she's like off the golf course. Ko answered Twitter questions submitted by fans using the hashtag #AskLydia, and GolfChannel.com threw in a few additional questions of our own. View the video segment, and for more questions and answers, see the bonus content below.

Bonus questions with Ko

Favorite book: "Unstoppable" [by Nick Vujicic]. I'm in the middle of it right now. ... I usually like to read books with a lot of action, or something inspiring like "Unstoppable."

Dream golfing vacation: I would have to say Bahamas. I love it down there. I loved staying at Atlantis [for the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic in January] and being able to have the golf and everything else right there."

Dream vacation unrelated to golf: Probably the same (Bahamas). I want to go on a cruise down there. I think we're planning to later this year, my whole family.

Favorite actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Steak or chicken: Chicken. I eat a lot of chicken.

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate

Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake: Oh, Justin Timberlake for sure.

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes: Frosted Flakes

Hit balls, chip or putt: Putt

If you're not playing or practicing, what does your day look like: I usually start it by stretching the same way. Then, mostly just lie around and watch TV.

One beauty must-have: Eyeliner. I have really small eyes, so I need eyeliner to help my eyes pop.