13 things we learned from Mahan's Reddit AMA


Hunter Mahan answered fans' (very good) questions Wednesday on a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Here are 13 things we learned.

1. Matt Kuchar is really funny.
"He's pretty willing to say anything at any given moment, no matter the situation! Even if we're at a big event, or the US open, he can always lighten the mood in just the right way. And everyone is comfortable around him. He's a guy that makes everyone laugh, all the time."

2. The par-4 10th at Riviera is one of the toughest holes on Tour.
"I've played it for 10 years now, and I've seen sixes and sevens from world-class players with wedges in their hands, and guys hitting bunker shots back and forth, so I haven't seen the right way to play it. So I'll go through 4 rounds, try to play it even par."

3. The Memorial Tournament has some of the best food on Tour.
"The best food at the clubhouse is probably the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, and they have these 'buckeyes'- these little peanut butter like chocolate-covered treats they have for us, and they're pretty delicious, and it's hard not to grab 2 or 3 when you walk by 'em!"

4. Playing in the Masters is as awesome as you think it is.
"I think the fact that - soon as you're in the Masters, you know, you have the ability to go play there whenever you want. I'm going to go play there this weekend, this Sunday and Monday, so just the fact that I can call up and just show up and play - it's such a privilege and an honor. Every time I go to Augusta, I get excited to play golf."

5. If his wife ever goes into labor when he's playing the Masters ...
"Umm ... it depends on where I was in the tournament, I guess! If I'm playing the back nine, or if I'm just starting my round, or if I'm sleeping on it, most of the time I'd come home, unless I had just a few holes left - then I'd finish up and head out of there."

6. He has two swing thoughts right now.
"One swing thought, right now, is to have a steeper shoulder-turn on the way back, on my backswing. And pushing off my right foot and keeping my right heel on the ground on the downswing."

7. He has simple swing advice for amateurs.
"I would say - your setup is the most important part of your golf swing. Good posture, good setup, and good alignment are things you can control before you pull the club back. After that, I think rhythm and tempo are extremely important. And always trying to get to your finish in a very collective manner."

8. And it's advice he uses when staying calm under pressure.
"I try to remember 'this is the one shot that I'm playing right now. I can't win the golf tournament on this shot. I can only hit this shot as good as I can hit it.' I try to focus on good posture, and good alignment, and then trust the work that I've put into my game."

9. The Golf Boys have no plans to get together ... right now.
"It's very difficult to get 4 guys together who have 7 kids total, and competing schedules. It's tough to get us all together in the same place. So I see no plans at this given juncture.

10. He has a strict pre-round routine.
"Bulletproof coffee in the morning, get to the course 2-2.5h before the round, see my trainer for 30-minute warm-up and stretch, and then eat about an hour and a half before the round. I start out with putting, then short-game and then I head to the range before I tee off."

11. The broken Barclays trophy has been replaced.
"Well, luckily, Barclays was very nice about the trophy breaking, knowing it was an accident and not my fault, so they got a replica to me, and so it's safe and sound and perfectly in one piece."

12. He doesn't think the golf ball has made classic course obsolete.
"The technology of the grasses, and the fact that we can speed up the greens almost as fast as we want, it still requires great talent from core players. And I think classic courses - the older the golf course, the more I usually appreciate them and enjoy playing them. Riviera is one of my favorite golf courses on tour, and it's one of the oldest ones we get to play, and six-under, they did very little to make the course super-difficult."

13. If he could play one round with a celeb, it would be ...
"The great American patriot Tom Brady."