84-year-old woman wins car with *illegal* putting stroke on ‘Price is Right’


Meet Margret, the 84-year-old woman who recently won a $16,000 car on ‘The Price is Right’.

But, wait a second … Isn’t she clearly violating rule 16-1e?

Not familiar with the rule? 16-1e states: “On the putting green a player shall not make a stroke from astride, or with either foot touching the line of the putt, or an extension of that line behind the ball.” 

The rule was put in place in 1968 when Sam Snead - owner of the record for most PGA Tour wins (82) - began putting in a similar fashion to Margret while searching for a cure to the putting yips.

Thankfully ‘The Price is Right’ is not a USGA-sanctioned event so there was no penalty handed out.