Behind the scenes with ... Brandel Chamblee


Brandel ChambleeYou see them in front of the camera reporting golf scores and news, but here's a quick look at some of Golf Channel's on-air talent behind closed doors. This week it's Brandel Chamblee. After a 15-year PGA Tour competitive career that included more than $4 million in earnings, Chamblee made a full-time transition to the broadcast booth in 2004. Currently, Chamblee serves as lead analyst for the network’s PGA Tour coverage and also as a studio analyst for Golf Central, Golf Central Pre Game and the network’s Live From telecasts during majors weeks. A three-time All-American out of the University of Texas, his career highlights include a victory at the 1998 Greater Vancouver Open.

Favorite broadcaster? Bob Costas

Favorite all-time movie? Moneyball

Dream golfing vacation? Somewhere I haven't been, where I don't need a sweater, with great friends or family

What is the hardest thing about being a golf broadcaster? Saying something you've said 1,000 times in a completely new way, and understanding that your audience are not tour players.

Favorite sandwich? Chicken salad on wheat toast, kosher spear, chips and a Dr. Pepper

Favorite word to slip into a broadcast? Licking his chops; straighter than he can point; longer than train smoke; sweeter than mothers love; convalesce; cognizant; Charlie Rymer heavy; Sean-a-thon, messier than a college checkbook; the opposite of anything Charlie says

Dream foursome? My three children and me

What is a little-known secret about doing TV? That we are all completely crazy

Funniest co-worker at Golf Channel? Golf Channel producers Jeff Fabian and Ben Daughan. Frank Nobilo when he tells a joke that is not funny (which is often) ... which is then funny.