Bubba makes long Putt-Putt ace, celebrates shirtless


We've seen the hole-in-ones, the wild celebrations and the chest hair. None of this is new ground for Bubba Watson.

But now, as a special treat for the viewing public, the two-time Masters champion has thrown all of those ingredients into one video, culminationg in the classic below.

After hanging out at the PGA Show's Demo Day in Orlando on Tuesday, Bubba decided he hadn't gotten his fill of the links and hit up a local mini-golf course. And when Bubba plays mini-golf, Bubba makes a hole-in-one. It's a law, like gravity.

This next part is the big shocker though ... the camera was rolling. #urwelcome


Lets just hope he puts all of this celebration practice to good use the next time he wins a green jacket.