Closer look at Adam and Tiger's 'bodies' of work


You'd have to go out of your way to not notice Adam Scott's good looks. Not even Jason Dufner could block out the distraction, falling to Scott in a playoff Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

Having to look at this, it's a wonder Dufner even made it three holes.

Scott, having been long-revered as one of the fittest players in the game, is now also the best, having supplanted Tiger Woods two weeks ago in the top spot in the world ranking.

So, just for fun - because that's what we do here in the Grill Room - we took a closer look at the "bodies" of work of Scott and Woods.

Scott is 33 in the image below (2014 Crowne Plaza Invitational) and Woods is 29 (2005 Masters).

Woods has long intimidated his opponents and had a leg-up on them. From the looks of this, it appears Scott has an arm-up on the competition ... and yes, even on Tiger.