College golfer has genius strategy for next tourney


University of Washington junior golfer Chris Babcock had himself a rough weekend. While his team came in second at the Amer Ari Invitational, he personally finished in 90th place after a closing 2-over 74.

Some golfers out there would look at that result with despair. But Chris Babcock isn't some golfers. That result got him thinking about what he should do differently next time, and the strategy he came up with is shear genius.

Some of the highlights:

  • Use a golf club and a golf ball
  • Hit it on the green a lot
  • Hit it in the hole a lot
  • Don't hit it anywhere that's not the green or the hole

Concept is rock solid. Only question is how much money I'm laying on Mr. Babcock next week.

And bonus ... not only is Chris an amazing golf strategist, turns out he's a nice guy too. He's willing to share his plan with others out there struggling. Sharing is caring.