Crane pokes fun at own slow play in Instagram post


Pace of play was back in the news earlier this week when world No. 1 Jason Day, who has a reputation for being rather deliberate, said he had no interest in speeding up his routine in 2017.

The statement drew all sorts of reaction on social media, but he wasn't the only slowpoke to speak out on the issue.

Ben Crane, whose playing partner, Rory Sabbatini, once angrily stomped ahead to the next tee box before he had finished putting out, took to Instagram on Saturday to make a joke at his own expense. The Crane family happened upon a giant tortoise on the beach and the former Golf Boy took the opportunity to caption the picture, "Met a guy who plays slower than me!"

Met a guy who plays slower than me!

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This isn't the first time the self-aware Crane has made fun of his own reputation. He made this fantastic video a while back detailing his struggles with speeding up, all while wearing a helmet and goggles, because ... why not?