Creamer with your coffee: Happy Birthday Paula


This past week I enjoyed a stint on 'Morning Drive,' spending a little time on Thursday and Friday with the information-ever-ready Gary Williams and guest co-host and uber versatile Mark Rolfing. It truly is a fun show to be a part of, as I was met in the morning by a team of people overflowing with information we were to cover on the show and a support staff providing laughs and breakfast, all of this, as I was seconds to walking onto the set.

I have come to enjoy this show whether I am in the studio or at home in Scottsdale for many reasons. Gary Williams is tremendous and makes dispensing information, bridging segments and juggling guests seem easy. It isn’t. Gary is subject to a revolving chair at the moment, filled by differing co-hosts and guests, and remains capable of covering every celebrity and topic in the game in a very entertaining way.

A few weeks ago when I was last in studio, Graeme McDowell was the co-host and while I had heard he was clever, I had never been around him, at any length, to see how clever. Graeme still has a long future ahead of him in golf but when he decides to move into TV, and he will at some point, his commentary will be as sharp then as his iron play is now.

It seems every week this show delivers but I can’t help but think that there are players who should, like Graeme, take advantage of the opportunity that this show gives a player to let the world know them better. One such player is Paula Creamer.

On August 5, Paula celebrates her 26th birthday and is, while still very young, one of the most charismatic and successful veterans on the LPGA. In her short tenure on the ladies tour she has set numerous youthful records, won the U.S. Open and has been a part of some very cheeky and funny commercials but is still relative to her equals on the PGA Tour, like Graeme McDowell, unknown. The 'Morning Drive' could change that for one obvious reason.

Gary Williams is as good as there is in TV at adjusting to every guest and at bringing the best out in them so the audience gets to know players in a way that is not possible in any other venue available in golf. McDowell is smart enough to know this and take advantage of the fact that he lives in the home city of the Golf Channel. Paula Creamer should give herself and her fans a birthday present, and be a co-host on this show or just come on from time to time. We all know how good she is with her clubs but she might just be golf’s next Judy Rankin and as gifts to golf go, there has been none better than that.