Dallas Mavs, lone Ranger turn to golf during offseason


It's the offseason in Texas which means one thing if you're doing it right ... golf. The Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland are doing it right.

The Mavs face the daunting task of kicking off their season on Oct. 28 against the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. But they didn't seem very stressed about shootin' some b-ball yesterday as the team was chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' all cool at Hackberry Creek Country Club for their annual Mavs Masters event.

From the pictures and video floating around on social media, we can deduce a few things: A good time was had by all, Hackberry Creek Country Club apparently doesn't have a dress code and it's still funny to watch some of the greatest athletes in the world struggle to hit a stationary ball with a stick.


Dirk Nowitzki in the tee box at #MavsMasters.

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Not to be outdone, Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland, who's probably best known for his spot-on Harry Caray impersonation, went all Happy Gilmore at the Nancy Lieberman charity golf tournament. We've seen worse.

Also we'd be doing a disservice to the readers if we didn't mention his Instagram handle - dutchoven45 - which might be the greatest Instagram handle in the history of Instagram, and handles.

Golly gee whiz the offseason is fun.


Who said u can't golf like happy Gilmore at the all pro @nancylieberman awesome tour. Hahaha one for the memories #teamdutchwillgoforgold @bdougherty1102 #yesthatballwassmoked

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