Dr. Ruth on Golf


Yesterday, famed sex therapist Dr. Ruth went on a golf outing fundraiser to benefit the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Although she was there on business, that didn't stop her from going on a tweet marathon on the topic of - what else? - sex. 

@AskDrRuth: People here are hitting little balls around when they could be having sex. I don't get it. 

@AskDrRuth: To me golf looks frustrating while sex relieves frustration. 

@AskDrRuth: Some of the clubs are as tall as I am. I could never be a caddy that's for sure. 

@AskDrRuth: Imagine a man screaming Fore before entering his partner. Can't imagine that would be arousing. 

@AskDrRuth: And everyone is out in a foursome. Sounds kinky to me! 

@AskDrRuth: To me a man who on a weekend AM leaves his wife in bed to go out & putt is a putz! 

@AskDrRuth: They should build a little motel by the 9th hole so non-golfing partners could grab their mate for a little golfus interruptus. 

@AskDrRuth: I wonder how many golf widows have a standing date with a lover on the mornings their mates play golf?

@AskDrRuth: There's one thing I like about golf, riding around on a golf cart. They're easy for me to get in and out of.