Dude Perfect goes 'Altered Course' for All Sports Golf


In case you haven't heard, Golf Channel will be debuting a new show, "Altered Course," on June 15. The fast-paced series features two-person teams competing on extraordinary hole layouts exceeding 700 yards - while racing against time and each other.

So, in a bit of cross-promotion ingenuity, the trick-shot artists known as Dude Perfect - who are no strangers to golf - altered their course for an epic All Sports Golf Battle, in which they play golf against each other using only equipment from other sports. 

The guys use softball bats, Nerf footballs, lacrosse sticks, soccer balls and pretty much anything else you can think of to advance the ball to the putting surface. And in a move approved by Happy Gilmore himself, hockey sticks serve as putters. The only catch is, once you use a piece of sports equipment, you have to use something else to play your next shot.

Now that you're thoroughly confused by my description of All Sports Golf Battle, watch the video below and you'll see that it's rather quite simple, and awesome.

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