Dufner been grooming his winning reaction for years


A person would be hard-pressed to question Jason Dufner’s work ethic on the golf course – he didn’t even take up the game until high school and was a walk-on at Auburn. Fast-forward more than a dozen years, and the lovable, laconic husband to Amanda has racked up two wins on the Web.com Tour and three on the PGA Tour (including the 2013 PGA Championship).

But one area Dufner has worked so hard at over the years that is often - if not always - overlooked is posing for his trophy shot.

In a photo posted by the Northern Ohio Golf Association, we catch a glimpse of child Dufner, posing after winning the Plain Dealer Cup.

As you can see in the photos below, Dufner’s come a long way since his junior golf days. If you look close enough, you might even think he's happy.



For more of Dufner's varied and vivacious looks we love, enjoy this photo gallery.