Dufner defends Thomas' 63, low scores at U.S. Open


Jason Dufner is known for not showing much emotion on the golf course, but he had a passionate response to those complaining about the low scores at the U.S. Open, including Justin Thomas' record-setting 63 on Saturday.

Dufner, who has his own 63 in a major, couldn't sit back while some, including Johnny Miller, marginalized his friend Thomas' 9-under 63 in Round 3 at Erin Hills.

He took to Twitter to state his case.

He went on to defend all the low scores at the U.S. Open, saying, among other things, that while the USGA might not like it, all the players can do is play the course they're presented with.

Between firing off takes and returning to the winner's circle, it's safe to say Duf Daddy is officially back.