Emotional Spiranac speaks out on cyberbullying


Despite missing the cut at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters last year in her pro debut, Paige Spiranac's social media presence has continued to skyrocket, which unfortunately brings with it the Internet trolls that seem to be so ever-present in this day and age.

Back in Dubai for this year's event, Spiranac got emotional on Monday while discussing the abuse she received after carding rounds of 77-79 last December, calling it "the hardest experience" of her life and saying that she avoided all social media for about three weeks and even considered quitting golf. She went on to speak out against the dangers of cyberbullying, using herself as an example.

"If I can share my story, and I’m okay with being emotional about it and I’m okay with kind of expressing what happened to me," she said, "because people don’t realize how hard it was on me . . . people saying the world is better off without me," she said. “Cyberbullying is a huge problem and no one ever discusses it. It’s no longer funny. It’s not the cool thing to do to make fun of other people, and you need to be supportive and I think that’s really important.”

The Instagram sensation, who won an event on the Cactus Tour in June, recently laid the smackdown on a troll herself and is hoping her story can help others facing a similar situation.

“It doesn’t matter how I play this week, it really doesn’t. But the fact that I’m here and I’m sharing my story, hopefully can save someone’s life, I think that’s so much more important than if I make the cut or miss the cut."

h/t to Golf Digest