#EpicFailFriday: Guy keeps whiffing despite trying, trying again


Each week, the Grill Room brings you some golfers' more-forgettable moments on and off the course. We call this feature #EpicFailFriday.

This man's golf attire - mainly the jeans - should give you a general idea about his game ... the general idea being that he's really, really bad at golf.

And he lives up to that first impression in the nifty gif we put together for you below, swinging and swinging and swinging some more at that frustatingly stationary little ball.

The struggle to make contact is real, which makes your heart go out to him, but at least he found some humor in it as well. So if you found yourself slapping your knee at this poor sap's misfortune, you can at least justify it by saying you're laughing with him. At least that's what I did.

Hey, it could be worse. At least his clubs are still in one piece.

If you're into success stories, check out the full video below. Spoiler: He does eventually hit it.

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h/t to Golf Digest