Fan gets tattoo to commemorate WMPO


The Waste Management Phoenix Open is chaotic, messy, and the opposite of every stereotypical golf gathering you could think of.

If the Masters is the stately grandfather on the pro cicuit, the WMPO is the rebellious nephew who only shows up to party.  And this year’s crowd did just that.

While some fans were getting their “drank on” near the 16th green. Others were making more life-permanent decisions.

Nick Folkman is a WMPO diehard. He’s attended the tournament every year since 2009 and even volunteered as a standard bearer three years in a row.

To commemorate another historic year — and after convincing a group of college buddies to fly out for the tournament — he completed ultimate fandom by getting WMPO (and years he's attended) inked on his upper thigh in the recognizable Waste Management green and gold.

Best decision ever? Worst decision ever? The jury’s still out. 

Folkman said he plans to attend the tournament for many more years to come. 

At least he started on his upper thigh.