Feherty posts 'Throwback Thursday' photo on Facebook


In honor of the ever-popular "#ThrowbackThursday" in the world of social media, David Feherty shared the photo below on his Facebook account. As you can imagine, the comments made by some of his followers were priceless and filled with 80's references.  

Here are some of the top comments from Feherty's fans: 

• "I heard you were disqualified from this tournament for using your mullet to gauge wind speed." - Nelson Morales Jr. 

• "Feherty rocking the Camaro crash helmet!!!!" - Scott Hill 

• "What's up Uncle Jesse." - Matthew Gabriele

• "I have never seen a pic of a young Feherty. Looks like a determined Happy Gilmore." - Becky Gilbert 

• "You know I wish that I had Jesse's girl" - Joe Giuliano 

• "I think I saw Ian Poulter wearing that same outfit last weekend. The hair...no comment needed." - Scott Carpenter 

• "Is that Bob Saget?" - Todd Johnson 

For more great comments, visit Feherty's Facebook page. Be sure to leave your own caption in the comments section below.