Fight over denim turns into mayhem at posh golf club


Reason No. 3,267,952 that you shouldn't wear denim:

According to the Boston Globe, police got involved last month at Weston Golf Club in what started as a confrontation between guests and the club's president over a dress code violation. The argument escalated into chaos and eventually ended with the president resigning and 10 club members being suspended for three months.

The Weston Golf Club has a strict "no denim" policy that president Tom Ferry tried to enforce on Stephen and Charlotte Weeple, guests who were meeting club members in the clubhouse bar for a nightcap. Logically, Ferry decided the best way to do this was to use profanity and derogatory names toward Charlotte, which sparked a shouting match between Ferry and Mr. Weeple.

We don't have an official transcript of the argument, but we're just going to assume Ferry channeled his inner Rodney Farva and said she looked like president, chairman and CEO of Levi Strauss. Weeple later insisted afterward that neither she nor her husband were wearing jeans.

Police were eventually called for a "fist fight," although no arrests were made and the official report stated “neither man had any signs of a physical altercation.”

Because this is such a pressing issue, it didn't end there, as Weston Golf Club directors did its own investigation into the incident after learning that the members the Weeples planned to join that night were also wearing jeans. They determined that the appropriate discipline for the dress code violations was a three-month suspension for all of the members involved (five couples), though they still owe monthly dues to the invitation-only club that charges a $45,000 initiation fee.

Ferry, who is chief executive of Curaspan Health Group Inc., a Newton software company, initially volunteered to take a one-month suspension but later resigned amid pressure from some members.

In conclusion, don't wear denim. Also, and more importantly, don't be a total a--hole.