Get to know ... Whit Watson


You see them in front of the camera reporting golf scores and news, but here's a quick look at some of Golf Channel's on-air talent behind closed doors. This week it's Whit Watson. Watson joined Golf Channel in 2010 and is a co-anchor of Golf Central, the network’s nightly news program. Watson graduated from Cornell University before beginning his broadcast career in 1990. He currently resides in Orlando, Fla. with his family.


Favorite broadcaster? Too many to list.  I admire Vin Scully's grasp of the power of silence; David Steele (longtime voice of the Orlando Magic) has been a personal role model and mentor.  And I think Chris Fowler is probably better at this than any of us.

Favorite all-time movie (comedy and drama)?  I believe I am contractually obligated to say that 'Caddyshack' is my favorite comedy.  Favorite drama is 'Shawshank Redemption.'

Dream golfing vacation?  Anywhere in the world with my dad, Larry, and my son, Zach.

What is the hardest thing about being a golf broadcaster?  Time away from home.  Nothing else comes close.

Favorite sandwich/food?  Peanut butter.  I eat it every day.  I wish I was kidding.

Favorite word to slip into a broadcast?  'Borrow' instead of 'break.'  As in, 'he didn't take enough borrow on that putt.'

Favorite personal blooper reel moment?  Can't say I have a 'favorite' - I try to learn from mistakes and then quickly forget them.  Charlie Rymer will tell you it was the time during my first week on the air at Golf Channel when I forgot his name in the studio.  I also once threw to Frank Nobilo on location when he was, in fact, sitting on the other desk in the same studio I was occupying.  Good times!

Dream foursome?  See above.  My dad, my son, and anybody who can put up with us.

What is a little-known secret about doing TV?  It's an audial medium as much as it is a visual medium.  What you say (or don't say), and how you say it, carries just as much weight as whatever the viewer is seeing at the time.

Funniest co-worker at Golf channel?  Pretty sure that Feherty has retired this category.  Brandel Chamblee is sneaky hilarious.