Getting to know ... Kelly Tighman


They cover golf. The live golf. Now it's time to get to know what the on-air talent at Golf Channel think about not only about what happens on the on-course ... but better yet ... stuff that happens off-course and around the Golf Channel offices.


Favorite movie? Airplane, Holy Grail & Rudy 

Dream golf vacation? The United Kingdom 

What's the hardest thing about being a broadcaster? Maintaining a routine. The travel & the hours can be all over the place. 

Favorite word to slip into broadcast? It must be 'golf'. I say it about 100x a show

What is a little known secret about doing tv? Charlie Rymer is actually short & skinny. The camera adds inches and lbs.

Funniest co-worker at Golf Channel? Feherty. He's funny ha-ha & funny strange