Getting to know ... Lara Baldesarra


They cover golf. The live golf. Now it's time to get to know what the on-air talent at Golf Channel think about not only about what happens on the on-course ... but better yet ... stuff that happens off-course and around the Golf Channel offices.


Favorite broadcaster: Way too difficult to choose just one! - Jim Nance (CBS Sports), Chris Wallace (Fox News), Don Cherry (Hockey Night in Canada CBC), John Madden (NFL Football).

Favorite all-time movie: Drama – 'Godfather Part 2'; Comedy – 'A Night at the Roxbury'

Dream golfing vacation: The mecca of golf in the USA – Monterrey Peninsula … Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, Spyglass.

What is the hardest thing about being a golf broadcaster: Being constantly reminded of all the parts of my game I need to work on. 

Favorite sandwich/food: My Mom’s meatball sandwich on a classic calabrese panini – extra peppers. Hold the mushrooms.

Favorite word to slip into a broadcast: “Tiger-esque”

Favorite personal blooper reel moment: Calling Steve Burkowski – “Steve Burkovitz” live on air and trying to contain my laughter while my mic was still on! 

Dream foursome: Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Rory McIlroy.  Tiger – the greatest golfer of all-time; Norman – the greatest star and golfing celebrity; McIlroy – the new star.

What is a little-known secret about doing TV: I’m good with secrets – my lips are sealed!

Funniest co-worker at Golf Channel: Charlie Rymer, hands down.