Who wins? Golf balls vs. steamroller


We know golf balls are tough, but can they survive an 8-ton steamroller?

Two men put the question to the test.

Meet Paul and Steve, a team that flattens various objects with their steamroller, Thumper. They’ve crushed everything from watermelons and pancakes to cans of coke and tennis balls.

Their most recent challenge? Golf balls.

The slow-motion video shows Dunlop LoCo golf balls compressing under the weight of the giant roller without breaking.  

So what causes this? You may have heard of golf ball compression but never knew how it could affect your game. Compression is created as energy is transferred from a golf club head to a ball. It’s necessary to create flexibility so the ball can recoil after impact and not break.

Many Tour pros play golf balls with a high compression so they can swing fast and hard while retaining accuracy. Low-compression balls are better for those with slower swing speeds because the ball has more ability to spring off the club head and travel farther.

The Dunlop balls used in the video are ideal to be squashed because they are low compression and, in result, can withstand being compressed more.

Although this simply looks like two guys trying to smash something, it's actually a good lesson in golf science.