Golf Guy's Sports Lounge


As some of you may have noticed, corporate came in and took over the Grill Room. Not to worry, the Golf Guy has decided to open a sports lounge upstairs from the Grill Room – open all night. The bartender is from Ireland and his name is BK O'Ressel (roll the 'R'). Or Beaks for short. He works on tips and funny comments.

My Take

Had enough with all the new PGA Tour qualifying system/Q-School/ finals series/’What does this mean?’/’Who actually cares?’ mumbo jumbo? Me too. No offense to the Jordan Spieths of the world, but golf is – and rightfully so – a superstar-driven sport. Just like every other sport. You don’t spend too much time talking about the NBA’s D-League when you are blessed with the talents of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. And just to get this straight – all these changes are coming at the end of 2013? Some 15-16 months away? I’ll set my alarm.

Golf Guy’s Sports Talk Live

Dream Team debate – Oh how I love this topic. The original Dream Team from 1992 theoretically up against the current version. Can’t deny the fact that the ’92 team had 11 Hall of Famers. Can’t deny the fact that the players today are better athletes. So here’s what I’ll do: Each team plays each other with the players in the absolute prime of their careers. Just going to deal with the starting five from each squad: Jordan, Bird, Magic, Barkley and Ewing versus LeBron, Kobe, Durant, Carmelo and CP3. Yikes! What a ballgame – I would seriously chop off my pinkie finger to watch that game and my nickname would become Johnny Four Fingers. But in the end, the ’92 team prevails. On heart and passion.

Roger Federer – Words are not enough, but I’ll try. Simply magnificent. Awesome. Greatest ever. Brilliant. The cat’s meow. The Bingo! Machine. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Andy Murray – While admittedly completely pulling for Federer, I will confess that I was moved to tears by Murray when he tried to speak to the crowd after his crushing loss. I then saw his girlfriend in the stands and thought, “Why in the hell am I shedding tears for this guy?”  

Dog days of summer – And by that I mean for me, the sports fan. NBA Playoffs are over, Wimbledon has come and gone, and the Home Run Derby and All-Star game have wrapped up. Normally, I’m forced to trudge through meaningless, mind-numbing baseball games. Oh, I kid – I haven’t watched a regular-season baseball game in … well, forever? Anyway, thank goodness for the British Open and the upcoming PGA Championship to bridge the gap to football season. And yes, that special little every four-year treat – the Olympics! On NBC (shameless plug). Speaking of the Olympics …

Olympic preview – Coming soon!