Golf Guy's Sports Lounge


As some of you may have noticed, corporate came in and took over the Grill Room. Not to worry, the Golf Guy has decided to open a sports lounge upstairs from the Grill Room – open all night. The bartender is from Ireland and his name is BK O'Ressel (roll the 'R'). Or Beaks for short. He works on tips and funny comments.

My Take – Tiger's World

All of us have personal issues that we get so sick and tired of ... like occasionally forgetting to wash out the shampoo in your hair before getting out of the shower. Or forgetting to make sure there is gas in the grill. Or remembering – after the fact – that you forgot to put the main ingredient in a recipe. You get frustrated with your own stupidity. Well, I am officially adding another: doubting Tiger Woods. Look, I have stated on many occasions that Tiger – to me – is the greatest athlete of all time. But for some strange, stupid reason I have continued to doubt Mr. Woods. Not in a mean way, just doubt in my own mind. Will he pass Jack's mark of 18? Pass Sam Snead's mark of 82 career PGA Tour wins? I certainly can't predict the future. The only thing I know for certain is that I am no longer going to doubt anything with Tiger. A lesson that has apparently taken forever for my little pea brain to grasp. And no, another missed cut does nothing to my thinking.

Golf Guy's Sports Talk Live

NBA Championship – LeBron the Angel/Devil: I have been in awe of his game for years – minus the outside shooting. He is a man amongst boys. Of course, I thoroughly hated his departure from Cleveland. Not that he did – just the way he did it. And though I was completely rooting for Kevin Durant and OKC to win the NBA Championship, I found myself at peace with Bron Bron winning the title. I love greatness in sports – Nicklaus, Tiger, Federer, Jordan, Phelps – and now LeBron.

Wimbledon – Nadal upset: Rafa knocked out in the second round? Utterly shocking. Sharapova gone from the weekend as well? Depressing. Federer with a chance to win major No. 17? Inspiring.

Euro 2012 soccer – Spain wins: Tough call – which is worse? The usual low-scoring affair we have all come to expect from soccer or a game that becomes a blowout? Spain's throttling of Italy in the Euro 2012 finale – 4 to nil – makes me wish for blowouts ... all the time!

Random Drunken Thought

Chick-fil-A versus McDonalds: When I see a co-worker with a bag of McDonald's, I think, 'Oh cool, he's got him some chicken McNuggets or some of those classic, tasty french fries. Sweet, good for him.' But when I see a co-worker with a bag of Chick-fil-A? I think, 'BAM! That guy is a genius.'