Golf Guy's Sports Lounge: Gold and spoiled


You may have noticed that corporate came in and took over the Grill Room. Not to worry, the Golf Guy has opened a sports lounge upstairs, open all night. The bartender is from Ireland and he works on tips and funny comments.

London Olympics

My Take

Golf in the Olympics? Am I for it? Yes, with two conditions. One, only the top 24 players in the world are invited. Two, Tiger Woods is in no matter what. Period. You don’t showcase golf as an Olympic sport and not have Tiger in the mix. Sure, the field will be heavy with Americans, South Africans and Englishmen, but that’s the whole point – offer up the sport’s best. I want a very small leaderboard that is chock full of superstars. No offense to these players, but does anyone want to see Jamie Donaldson from Wales, South Korea’s Lee Dong-hwan, Victor Dubuisson of France and Paraguayan legend Fabrizio Zanotti playing golf in the Olympics? Umm, no. There, I said my peace.

Tiger Woods in the 2012 Memorial Tournament

Golf Guy Sports Talk

I am a spoiled brat when it comes to sports, hence my never-ending ‘bandwagon fan’ status. The only tattoo I have on my body is the classic quote from Al Davis, “Just win, baby.” I kid. Golf Guy is tat free. My point is that I have always been addicted to watching the best be the best. Tennis’ Roger Federer. Dallas Cowboys of the early ‘90s. Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Michael Phelps four years ago in Beijing. Four years ago?!? Geez, Michael, I’m a little put off by this year’s performance – three golds, two silvers and a fourth-place finish. Hogwash. I was hoping for another river of gold. Then again, the closest I will ever come to a gold medal is using Gold Medal Flour to bake my chocolate chip cookies. I told you I was a spoiled brat.

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island

Closing Time

I’ve been yearning for the 2012 PGA Championship for years now – ever since I had the pleasure (?) of playing the Ocean Course in Kiawah in 2010. It came on the heels of a three-day fantasy football, rum-induced party binge. Big mistake. Very big mistake. Outside of playing on the most beautiful set of greens ever, I had the delight of experiencing a constant 40-mph wind. One word: freaking brutal. My friend quit playing after a few holes. I should have joined him in the bar. Instead, I established my highest score ever – somewhere near 130. Normally, I hate when Mother Nature intervenes in major championship golf, but if the wind is howling at Kiawah next week, I’ll quietly enjoy a chuckle.