Golf Guy's Sports Lounge: R-E-S-P-E-C-T


You may have noticed that corporate came in and took over the Grill Room. Not to worry, the Golf Guy has opened a sports lounge upstairs, open all night. The bartender is from Ireland and he works on tips and funny comments.

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My Take

I’m tired of the lack of respect the PGA Championship receives. Tired, tired, tired! It’s not the fourth major. It is a major. Look, I’m all for ranking things, but I’m drawing the line on this one – Glory’s Last Shot is as important as the other three (well, OK, not the Masters). However, on the career stat sheet – one PGA Championship is equal to one Masters title. Without the PGA, the Golden Bear has a pedestrian 13 major wins. With the PGA, he owns one of the most hallowed records in all of sport – 18. Instead of embracing the fact this is the last major of the year – enjoying it, savoring it – many people have decided to somewhat look forward. And that’s a shame. A shame, I tell ya.

2016 Olympics

Golf Guy Sports Talk

Are there too many golf tournaments cluttered throughout the year? Umm, yes. But can you imagine the Olympic alternative? One major every four years? Goodness, that would beyond suck. If greed is good – which it isn’t – I could certainly take two more majors a year. But for the average, non-die-hard fan, four seems to be just right. Less is more to pique general fans’ interest.

Speaking of the Olympics, my performance of the Games award once again goes to Usain Bolt. Shocking to me that with a collection of the fastest humans on earth that one guy can stand out that much. Kinda like Tiger used to be.