Bulls and balls: Golf's most 'terrifying' photo?


Police in Pamplona, Spain are reportedly looking for this man (if you recognize him, please contact Spanish authorities) after he broke a local law that forbids photos while taking part in the running of the bulls in the famous San Fermin festival.

That's a pretty gutsy move to put one's life on the line all for the sake of a good selfie, not to mention if found, he faces a fine of several thousand euros.

His gusto got the Grill Room thinking about other terrifying selfies. Like for example, that time a baseball reporter almost got hit by a ball.

And speaking of balls, though not a "selfie," we see Jason Dufner is uh, digging real deep to try and win, while a fan snaps a photo of her favorite player (because duh, who else would it be?):


We'd be hard-pressed to find a golf photo more terrifying than this, but if you've got some, send them our way by tweeting us @GrillRoom or send them to GrillRoom@GolfChannel.com and who knows, they might end up in a blog or gallery alongside Duf Daddy one day.