Grill Room Gang sounds off: Who has best fries?


Is any meal ever truly complete without a side of fries? The Grill Room Gang thinks not, and in honor of the Open this week at CordeValle, we debate which fast food stop serves up the best. And yes, we would like a side of fries with that.


If you've never been to the west coast, you're missing out on the In-N-Out. The best french fries – and burgers, for that matter – on all sides of the Mississippi come from In-N-Out (which only has franchises located in five states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah). Those thinly cut potatoes, lightly salted and dipped in ketchup melt in your mouth and are hot in your hand. There's no better side of fries – and no better burger to eat them with – than those served up at In-N-Out. On further thought, make mine a double and make it animal style.


In an increasingly health conscious world, it’s good to have some balance. The day I cut out Checkers french fries is the day I will know I've officially gone to the dark side. So go ahead and keep that extra ab muscle, I’ll take the crunchy, extra seasoned, greasy goodness after a night out on the town any day of the week. It’s the American way. Don’t let the fries fool you though, as amazing as they are, the rest of the menu should be served with a side of toilet paper.


Come on folks, there is but one. Death, taxes ... and McDonald's french fries. Like your favorite blanket as a child or your first girlfriend in grade school – truly classic. The McDonald's french fry is one of the tastiest comfort foods in all of fast food – perhaps the best menu item ever (see: billions and billions served). If McDonald's french fries were running for president against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I would vote for a large order of McDonald's french fries ... and then worry about healthcare debate at a later date.

So tell us, who do you think serves the best fries?