Hadley locks keys in car, has 'mental fortitude' for golf


Chesson Hadley is in the mix at this week's Web.com Tour Price Cutter Charity Championship, an impressive feat in and of itself.

But add to it the fact that he locked his keys and wallet in his car before his opening round and still went out and fired a 7-under 65, and we have a legend in the making on our hands.

The former PGA Tour Rookie of the Year and a man Jimmy Fallon once compared to a giant inflatable wind sock guy you see outside of car dealerships did just that on Thursday, and the Web.com Tour documented the whole ordeal on Twitter, in which he had to call the professionals after his wire hanger scheme didn't work out.

"You can just imagine the mental fortitude and ability you have to have to play golf knowing your keys are locked in your car and all that type of stuff," Hadley joked (we think?) after the incident.

Chesson Hadley - the hero we deserve, not the one we need.