Happy 60th Howard Stern! Poulter spat, keeping Keegan sane


As Howard Stern celebrates his 60th birthday, GolfChannel.com takes a look back at some of his most memorable - and controversial - moments in golf, including his "300-yard drive," how he keeps Keegan Bradley sane and his Twitter spat with Ian Poulter.

Stern hits 300-yard drive

While attending the wedding of Jimmy Kimmel this past July, Stern had the chance to tee it up. He claimed afterwards that he was bombing the ball 300 yards, which is a boast one could get away with if there was no video evidence of your swing. Unfortunately for shock jock, that's not the case.

Bradley on Stern: He 'kept me sane'

Bradley has been a self-professed fanatic of the King of All Media since he was a young kid, and in college he would tune in as he drove from tournament to tournament.

Bradley pays homage to Stern

This past August, Bradley posted the following to his Instagram account:

Dufner on the 'Howard Stern Show'

Following his win at the PGA ChampionshipJason Dufner made a stop by the 'Howard Stern Show' while making his media rounds in New York City. He dishes on his post-win affection for wife Amanda, shouts on the golf course and which player most rubs him the wrong way.

Poulter, Stern clash on Twitter

Last, but not least, you can revisit Stern and Poulter's Twitter spat here or by clicking on the photo above. The two exchanged garbs this past August over screaming fans at the PGA Championship and the proper spelling of 'Baba Booey,' the trademark phrase of Stern.