He Said/She Said: What would make you WD?


Charlie Beljan, the 36-hole leader at the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic, said Friday after his 



This one is so dependent on circumstances, but for argument’s sake, let’s say I’m in Beljan’s situation: this is my last chance to  keep my card for next year. I need a high finish to do that, and I haven’t been in this position very often. Plus, I know that a win gives me job security for the next two years. I keep playing. I’m not all that concerned about the panic attacks – I’ve had them before and I know what they are. Plus, I know paramedics are following me around the course. I keep playing, no matter what doctors tell me. They’re just being cautious.

Birth and death are the two most common circumstances I can think of that would cause someone to WD. But if I knew my wife was close to her due date, I wouldn’t enter the tournament in the first place. And a death in the family? If I were the one who died, I’d want my survivors to go on with life. There would be nothing they could do for me anyway. Let me inspire them to go out and win the tournament. Think Ben Crenshaw and Harvey Penick. - Al Tays