He/She: Want to know what really blows?


As players ready for the year's final major, Mother Nature refuses to take a back seat to the action. The Kiawah Island forecast calls for stormy weather all week on the Ocean Course, so the Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey decided to discuss what elements irk them the most.


Hands down – rain. Yes, I understand it is blasphemous to badmouth rain while most of the United States currently faces severe droughts, but I'm just badmouthing it when I play or am watching golf.

I can barely swing a club decent when it's not raining. If it is raining? Forget about it. And don't get me started on how tiny blades of grass stick to your ball on the putting green. When watching on TV, I can't stand seeing rainsuits on players and lots of soaked towels being carried around by the caddies.

Look, I get it – water is good. I like to drink it, and I like to bathe in it. And yes, I realize that our bodies are mostly water and that most of planet Earth is covered by water. Can we just have a 'no-rain zone' on golf courses when I'm playing or watching? There's a reason why we have that famous rhyme: Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.


One of the keys to playing great golf is the ability to stay in the present. The ability to hit one shot at a time with clarity, calmness and composure. Any way you slice it, you cannot have calmness or composure when you’re being blown sideways your entire round.

Your body is off balance, you can barely control your ball and your hair – yes, this is specifically problematic for us ladies – cannot be tamed. You’re so busy fighting the wind, using all your energy to stand upright, that by the time it comes to hit a golf shot, you’re completely thrown off your game and out of whack.

Nothing annoys me more than playing in strong wind. It’s not fun golf. You can’t control your shots and even when you hit a great shot, the wind shoves it 30 yards in the wrong direction.

If the wind starts howling, pour me another cocktail and I’ll cheerlead from the cart. Namaste.