Tweetcap: Horschel grieving over Grier suspension


FedEx Cup champion, Florida Gator fan and frequent chomper Billy Horschel "is the most realistic person you will ever talk to or meet."

The above statement comes to you courtesy Billy Horschel, who is dealing with the suspension of Florida starting quarterback Will Grier by arguing with all interested parties on Twitter. 

Quick background: Grier was suspended by the NCAA on Monday after testing positive for Ligandrol, a banned substance. The Gators are off to 6-0 start, but Grier is facing a year-long suspension.

We've compiled these 30 tweets and retweets on the matter sent by Horschel from 3:07 p.m. to 3:57 p.m. ET.

Mercifully, Horschel is not a fan of the New England Patriots. For more, visit Horschel's Twitter feed, where he continues to post missives. Otherwise, this seems like a good place to end it: