Howard Stern was once asked to leave after taking three hours to play four holes


Let me just start this post by saying these two men can do whatever they want. They're legends. I am the Shawn Bradley to their Michael Jordan. The Vanilla Ice to their Eminem. The George Costanza to their Ted Danson. They're somebody, I'm nobody. I'm worse. Much, much worse.

That being said, Larry David and Howard Stern had a little chat on Wednesday where they both made some incredibly questionable claims. David starts off by saying he could be an NFL coordinator, preferrably for his beloved New York Jets, because he used to draw up good plays during parking lot games with friends when he was a kid. While Stern's comeback that the Jets certainly couldn't do any worse is incredibly accurate, I just wouldn't trust my offense to a guy who gives up cabinets.

Then the conversation turns to golf, with the shock jock telling the "Seinfeld" creator that the last time he played golf, his group played four holes in three hours before the course marshal asked them to leave. While I want to believe this story so very badly, that is a 13 1/2 hour pace. We don't pretend to be mythbusters here in the Grill Room, but something sounds a little fishy, and it's so unlike Howard Stern to embelish anything about his golf game

The interview is below. It's worth a listen. (Update: the video was removed because of copyright reasons)

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