The Johnsons are no Dufners: DJ's late post


In case anyone was skeptical as to whether or not Dustin Johnson had a great 30th birthday, he removed all doubt on Saturday.

DJ posted this photo with his fiance to his Instagram account after the third round of the Open Championship with the caption, "Best b-day ever! I love you @PaulinaGretzky."

The man left us in limbo for 27 days - his birthday was June 22, and yet he's just now posting any reference to the big day.

In all fairness, DJ's not the most active golfer on social media (before Saturday's post, he hadn't Instagrammed since June 9), but waiting almost a month to share the details seems almost cruel.

Doesn't he know, we expect a play-by-play of all golfers and their significant others' vacations?