Timberlake gets 'slapped' by fan at celebrity event


Golf is usually a noncontact sport. However, Justin Timberlake found himself in an uncomfortable situation when a golf fan reached out to touch his face as he walked between holes at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe.

It’s difficult to tell if the spectator had positive or negative intentions. Some believe he merely stroked Timberlake’s beard. Others believe he tried to slap him in the face.

Regardless of intent, Timberlake was not happy. In fact, he abruptly stopped and turned to yell, “why would you do that?” before marching to the next tee.

We’re sure the former boy band star is used to screaming girls grabbing him but this fan, a stocky man in a sunhat and sunglasses, is just a little weird. In fact, after speaking with the man law enforcement sources claimed he just wanted to “touch” Timberlake and got overzealous.

The man was later arrested for intoxication and disorderly conduct. Timberlake decided not to press charges and even had some fun doing the Carlton dance with Steph Curry and Alfonso Ribeiro before gliding to a 21st-place finish.