Luke Donald's NYE was way better than yours


Chances are, you celebrated New Year's Eve with family and friends. Maybe some champagne and backwards counting. If you're lucky, a kiss from your significant other when the clock struck 12. Good for you, have a cookie.

Luke Donald put us all to shame with his New Year's Eve celebration, ringing in 2015 with a couple of his closest friends, maybe you recognize them?

If you still aren't sure who they are i'll give you a hint, they are two of the greatest professional athletes of all time and their names rhyme with Michael Fordan and Derek Weter.

It's good to be surrounded by greatness! These were the lucky two tonight Happy New Year from all of us. #2015

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Not sure why Jeets would decide to stop out-Leonardo DiCaprioing Leonardo DiCaprio to hang out with a couple of dudes, but at least we got a good photo out of it.

On a related note, Luke Donald has been crushing the holidays this year.