Man drives Jaguar onto driving range, the expected occurs


It's almost disappointing we can't file this under @_FloridaMan.

According to KPRC in Houston, from which we pulled the photo above, some guy somehow drove his vehicle - a Jaguar - into the middle of a Top Golf driving range last week.

Viewer Josh Putt sent Local 2 pictures of the car. Putt said patrons apparently made the Jaguar a target, and began pelting it with golf balls. 

Workers were eventually able to corral the car into a corner with a ball-collecting cart. 

A security guard detained the driver and called police, but no one was arrested. 

The name "Josh Putt" seems a little on the nose, but the visual of the range picker trying to box in a Jaguar is riveting.

It's also the greatest driving range target of all-time ... aside from post-Ryder Cup Tom Watson in those MasterCard commercials.

Jaguar: $65,000
Top Golf driving-range bay: $20/hr.
Firing golf balls at the Jag: Priceless.