Man steals $1,448 worth of clubs by sticking them down his pants


Perhaps the man pictured above just misremembered that classic Rodney Dangerfield line from "Caddyshack" and thought that not only do you indeed get a free bowl of soup with that hat, but you also get $1,448 worth of golf clubs. It's possible, but odds are this man is just a thief with a terrible fashion sense.

According to the Gonzales Weekly Citizen, the man stole two golf clubs from Pelican Point Golf Shop in Gonzales, La., on November 16 by shoving them down his pants and presumably walking out like Seamus the Pirate while the shop attendant was helping someone else. He then returned a short time later and took two more. The clubs were valued at $1,448.97.
While he was busy "shopping," he didn't seem to notice the security camera filming the entire incident. Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is now looking for any information that would lead to the arrest of the multi-colored Hawaiian style short-sleeve-shirt-wearing golf club thief. If you recognize the shirt, or the face, you are urged to contact them.

h/t to Golf Digest