Marshawn Lynch's golf game could use some work


Marshawn Lynch is a lot of things. He's a chain-restaurant lovingghost-riding, tastefully-nude modeling, Skittles-endorsing, hilarious self-describingearthquake-causing All-Pro Super Bowl champion running back for the Seattle Seahawks. He's also probably not a lot of things, but all we can confirm for sure is that he is not a golfer. 

Below is video of Beast Mode's swing from a charity event on Monday benefitting his Fam 1st Foundation, and well ... it's awful. But aside from his outfit (jeans and a t-shirt, really?), we have no complaints. C'mon it's for charity.

You can watch the full video below, in which Lynch "discusses" his current contract situation, but to be honest, this post was more or less an excuse to post his awesomely bad swing, and all the other incredible things he has done since coming into our lives. Keep doing you Marshawn.