Monkeying around: Kids say the darndest things


Kids. They say the darndest things. And when we showed this baboon video to a group of second graders, here's a sampling of their responses:


Once there was a Baboon it went on the golf cart and the Baboon stole the golfers lunch. And then it went on the golf field. That Baboon was pretty big.


One day to people wore playing golf. And there was a baboon on the corse! he stol its lunch! And drove the carte! back to home.


“The crazy bamboo”

This is the golf channel. There are crazy bamboos on the field. One just went and stole a snack! Oh my! He is in the golf cart! He is driving away! The bamboo crashes into the flag! Boom! The bamboo just got hit with a golf ball and past out! This is the craziest golf tornament ever! The bamboo just got a golf club and… Wham! Oh well he just hit the camra man well I guess thats it for today!


Once a baboon sol (stole) a golf club right near the forest where he lives and ran on the golf corese then he sol a lot more he found some lunch and ate it got into the golf cart right next to it and got in it and stared to drive it then got in it and pused (pushed) a lot of buttons and it went crazy but the gofrs (golfers) dint notice he drive in to a diffrent  land with candy he straed (started) to eat it and then became sick then he went to the park and the kids at the park freakd out the baboon stared to play on the swings.


“baboon story”

One day a baboon went in a golf felid (field) then he went on a golf cart and he came back of and he stole the golfers lunch and the golfers had nothing to eat and the baboons had long teeth. the End.


One day I saw this baboon in South Africa then it grabbed a gulf club and hit it in the hole! It started dancing and playing it started swinging on trees and acted like a nerd and ate someones lunch and kissed someone and got a car and drove away yelling really loud.


“The Baboons”

One of the baboons eat the men’s lunch he try to ride the golf truke (truck)he ran back and I saw his but