Must-see video: Angel, devil prank golfers


Turns out, the golf gods do exist. 

I'm actually surprised it took us so long to see them, considering they look like regular dudes dressed in angel's wings or devil's horns.

And if you've repented for your sins lately or you've been doing an inordinate amount of good deeds or you happened to pick this golf course to play while these pranksters were filming, you might get a visit. Lucky you.

The hijinks above are brought to you by Rémi Gaillard, who - according to his YouTube bio - is "world famous for his dangerously funny videos." We might have slightly different definitions of "world famous," but funny is funny, and any time you can get someone so mad that they fall on their face chasing a man dressed in spandex around a golf course, it's funny.

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h/t to BroBible