National Napping Day: Golf's sleeping beauties


This just in: Golf is hard. For those playing it, covering it and traveling week-to-week watching it. The early worm gets the birdie, as the saying goes, which is why golfers are up before the sun rises and hashing it out on the range until the sun sets.

We applaud the efforts of golfers, their families and golf media everywhere for the countless, long and laborious hours spent at the course working to get it right. With a PGA Tour season that spans two calendar years and events contested globally, across multiple tours, consider the Grill Room a judgement-free zone for those needing to catch up on some shut-eye.

That's why on National Napping Day, we celebrate some of golf's sleeping beauties.

Dufner wanamake-sure his trophy's not going anywhere

Dufner's dog, Prince Louie, had a ruff day

Mickelson's rested development


Rick Riley's meltdown at Medinah

Curls for the girls

Doze are nice glasses