Montreal Canadians get visit, advice from Nicklaus


When you're the most accomplished golfer of all time, just about everyone heeds your advice. Even athletes who play a totally different sport ... on a sheet of ice.

Jack Nicklaus was at the Montreal Canadians-Boston Bruins game on Tuesday night, and he stopped by the Canadians' locker room before the puck dropped to give a quick pep talk and announce the starting lineup.

“There’s no excuse for not being properly prepared, meaning you have to be ready to play, right? And the second thing I always try to do is never try to do anything I couldn’t do, meaning I always played within myself,” Nicklaus said. “Some of you can do some things, some of you can do other things and as long as I did that I was successful and I think that applies to any sport.”

The Golden Bear then went on to let the players know who was starting, and bonus, he even got all the names right.