Obama calls 'Big Break' his guiltiest TV pleasure


Well, what do you know? The POTUS is a fan.

In a recent interview with Bill Simmons for GQ, U.S. President Barack Obama was asked to name his "guiltiest-pleasure TV show." The answer warmed our hearts.

"Probably the guiltiest pleasure – and this is kind of lame – is 'Big Break'," he said. "You know, on the Golf Channel? Which is kind of a silly show. [laughs] But I find it really relaxing."

Lame means cool, right? Like how the kids say it? Oh, a hoverboard!? Oh man, that's super lame!

Golf Channel has aired 23 seasons of the reality show, dating back to its inception in 2003.

The GQ interview also indicated that the president has a "virtual driving range" somewhere in the White House with some wiffle balls that he can "just whack ... around a little bit."

Nothing like blasting golf balls to relieve stress when you know you're not going to lose them.