Pokemon Go banned from Indiana golf course


Golfers are navigating new obstacles - people hunched over their smartphones chasing Pokemon.

Pokémon Go is a virtual reality mobile game that requires users to travel to different locations in order to find and capture Pokemon. Locations vary from schools and office buildings to parks and neighborhoods. The game has created quite a buzz and topped the smartphone app rankings since its launch.

It’s nostalgic, fun and, in some cases, unwanted by property owners.

Golf courses have received an abundance of new visitors because of the game. In fact, Sahm Golf Course in Indianapolis, Ind., recently discovered it was a spawning point for hard to find Pokemon like Pikachus and Charmanders.

The golf course had so many people roaming its fairways and greens searching for Pokemon it decided to please both parties by shutting down the course for a night to allow Pokemon players to pay a fee and hunt on the holes.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with the golfers.

After receiving feedback from players, Sahm later canceled the event on its Facebook page, stating, "We are a GOLF COURSE, and not a pokemon course, and we don't need to accommodate anyone except our GOLFING COMMUNITY. WE are now speaking with the proper authorities to insure that NO MORE pokemon players disrupt out regular source of income-GOLFERS!!!"