Politics aside: Can you ace Reagan's par 3?


We're a week removed from the 2012 presidential election, but that doesn't mean presidential fodder has fallen to the wayside.

The 40th U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, is being honored this week for his achievements in the Oval Office and for his ability to hit the little white ball around.

Ronald Reagan

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum and Tierra Rejada Golf Club located in Moorpark, Cali., are commemorating Reagan’s years as the Governor of California and President of the U.S. with a plaque in his honor that will be permanently placed at the par-3 11th hole, bearing the following inscription:

The 11th Hole at the Tierra Rejada Golf Club

Is Dedicated to

President Ronald Reagan

Who always believed like golfers do,

“Our Most Glorious Achievements are Just Ahead”

Every golfer scoring a hole-in-one on Tierra Rejada’s 11th will receive the “Award of Excellence,” a small facsimile of the plaque next to the 11th tee, given by the Reagan Presidential Foundation and Tierra Rejada Golf Club.

Many of you may have hole-in-ones, but until now it was impossible to have a hole-in-one on the world’s only permanent President Ronald Reagan Golf Hole. All politics aside ... are you up to the task?