Pro motocross racer has worst swing of all time, and it's not even close


Updated February 23rd:

Based on his latest Instagram post, it appears Mr. Stewart has fixed his swing.

He captioned his original post, "TB moment when I was having serious mental issues committing to the shot."

We aren't sure what serious mental issues cause you to go into a full body spasm while trying to swing a golf club, but good to see a happy ending to this story.

Originally posted on February 20th: 

Warning: What you are about to see is straight-up horrifying.

James Stewart Jr. is one of the most successful motocross racers in the history of the sport. But based on his very own recent Instagram admission, he also tops another list  - worst golf swing ever.

Many out there in the blogosphere are comparing him to Charles Barkley, who has fought the swing yips seemingly his entire life, but he doesn't come anywhere near the atrocity above.

We've brought back this compilation of Sir Charles' various swings for comparison.

Below is a look at Stewart's day job. The fact that this man has no problem riding a 200-pound hunk of metal as he flys through the air at ridiculous speeds, but somehow has trouble swinging a club should tell you all you need to know about golf.

For the record, he hangs with this guy when he's not racing motocross. If they need any ideas for conversation topics next time they hang out, I have a few suggestions.

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h/t to ESPN